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Privacy Policy

When you visit, we collect certain personal information from you. We take privacy of your personal data very seriously. All information and personal data are encrypted and stored on a secure server. In this Privacy Policy, we outline all of the different information we gather and what we do with it, as well as how we collect it.


What Personal Information Do We Collect?

  • When you register an account, we collect personal name, age, address, email and phone number.
  • Any communication with support we save.
  • All payment transactions and betting history.
  • For the verification process we require a copy of your ID, utility bill with your address on it and a bank statement in your name. If you deposit with a different payment method, then we also require proof of the payment method.


Additional Information We Collect On Our Site:

When you visit our site, we use browser cookies and Google Analytics to collect the following information:

  • Which device (and model) you use, IP address, mobile network, browser, location tracking and operating system.
  • Which pages you visit on JeetPlay, how much time you spend on each page, content viewed, preferred games and links/buttons that you clicked on.
  • Traffic sources. How you came to
  • We also track how you respond to our marketing campaigns or by our third-party partners.


What Rights Do You Have On Your Personal Data?

In accordance with GDPR laws you can:

  • Withdraw your consent for storing your data even if you agreed in the past. Certain information has to be kept still for our licencing body.
  • Access the personal data we have from you.
  • Make corrections or updates to stored data.
  • Removal of processed personal data that is no longer of use.
  • You can choose not to allow cookies on your browser when visiting


Non-Disclosure For Personal Information Collected By Us:

JeetPlay will make sure that all information and data shared to us, when visiting our site, will remain strictly confidential. Your personal data is not shared with any third parties, unless required to by law.

Each customer’s personal information is used to verify age and identity, process payments, and for customer verification upon request. Email addresses and mobile phone numbers are used for marketing promotions as well as website updates. Additionally, they’re also used for means of communication with our online support regarding your account and any payment transactions.

When you register at JeetPlay, you have the choice to receive marketing promotions or not.  You can change this at any given time.

Certain departments at JeetPlay, such as our finance team and customer support, have access to your personal information. It is an essential requirement for them to perform their work professionally and efficiently. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions upon registration you agree to sharing your personal data with us.

Even after your account is permanently closed, JeetPlay stores your data for 5 years due to regulatory requirements for fraud and anti-money laundering prevention. We reserve the right to report suspicious fraudulent behaviour to the authorities without your consent or without informing you.


Data Security

We do not distribute or sell your personal email address or phone number to anyone. Our sole purpose of storing your email address and phone number is for communicating with you. If you wish to opt out of marketing promotions, you can do so from in your account settings or you can contact online support for assistance.

If required to by law, then JeetPlay will disclose your personal information to the authorities. This may include:

  • Full name
  • Username
  • Email address and phone number
  • Address
  • Transaction History
  • Gaming activity


Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files of text that save your web browser’s information. This in turn allows JeetPlay to know when you visit and leave our website. These cookies allow us to collect personal data, such as which pages you visited and how much time you spent on these pages. Therefore, allowing us to track your preferences on our website, helping us to offer you better content that you’re interested in. They also help our customer service to assist you better. 

You can change your cookie preferences at any time in your browser settings.

JeetPlay Privacy Policy Amendments

From time to time, we may need to update our privacy policy. Therefore, we advise you to check periodically for any updates. If we need to make any substantial amendments, then we will notify of you these changes via our website and email.

JeetPlay has the right to make amendments to our privacy policy at our sole discretion. Failure to accept these changes may result in us blocking your access to certain parts of our website or the whole website.

We use cookies to make more comfortable for you. By continuing to use the website, you automatically agree with our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions